Congratulations to the 2022 WABL Champions

Congratulations to the 2022 WABL Champions

After 21 weeks of WABL action, 35 Champions were crowned on Sunday as we closed out the 2022 season in style.

Click the links below for a recap of each Grand Final game, including the Results, MVPs and Referees. We also recognise our dedicated Shot Clock Operators and Chairpersons.

2022 Grand Final results

Division Champion Result Runner-up
12CHB Warwick Senators 65–62 Willetton Tigers Blue
12CHG Willetton Tigers Blue 56–30 Joondalup Wolves
12-2B Eastern Suns 51–38 Joondalup Wolves
12-2G Perth Redbacks 42–31 Perry Lakes Hawks
12-3B Warwick Senators 49–48 East Perth Eagles
12-3G Mandurah Magic Black 40–32 Eastern Suns
12-4B Perry Lakes Hawks 64–60 Rockingham Flames White
12-4G Willetton Tigers 45–35 Cockburn Cougars
12-5B Mandurah Magic Black 62–52 East Perth Eagles
14CHB Cockburn Cougars 65–57 Willetton Tigers
14CHG Willetton Tigers 58–45 Joondalup Wolves
14-2B Mandurah Magic Red 64–58 Eastern Suns
14-2G Eastern Suns 72–65 (2OT) Willetton Tigers Blue
14-3B Lakeside Lightning 79–48 East Perth Eagles
14-3G Perry Lakes Hawks Blue 53–49 Joondalup Wolves Green
14-4B South West Slammers Blue 68–48 East Perth Eagles Blue
14-4G Willetton Tigers 46–39 Perth Redbacks Red
14-5B Eastern Suns Black 74–57 Willetton Tigers
14-5G Hills Raiders Green 55–36 Mandurah Magic White
16CHB Warwick Senators Blue 100–75 Joondalup Wolves
16CHG Cockburn Cougars 73–67 Warwick Senators
16-2B Eastern Suns 97–89 East Perth Eagles
16-2G Joondalup Wolves 63–44 Willetton Tigers Blue
16-3B Perry Lakes Hawks 68–57 Willetton Tigers Blue
16-3G Cockburn Cougars Blue 49–42 Perry Lakes Hawks
16-4B Cockburn Cougars Blue 69–62 Warwick Senators
16-4G Joondalup Wolves 66–60 Perry Lakes Hawks
16-5B Perry Lakes Hawks 92–57 Mandurah Magic Black
18CHB Willetton Tigers 84–72 Perry Lakes Hawks
18CHG Cockburn Cougars 96–73 Warwick Senators
18-2B Warwick Senators 92–81 Perry Lakes Hawks
18-2G Perry Lakes Hawks Blue 92–69 Joondalup Wolves Green
18-3B Perry Lakes Hawks 85–72 Joondalup Wolves
18-4B Warwick Senators 83–72 Perth Redbacks
20CHB East Perth Eagles 79–68 Joondalup Wolves

Association Breakdown

Association Champions Grand Finalists
Cockburn 5 (3 Champ Div – 14CHB, 16CHG & 18CHG) 6 (3 Champ Div)
East Perth 1 (1 Champ Div – 20CHB) 6 (1 Champ Div)
Eastern Suns 4 6
Hills 1 1
Joondalup 2 10 (4 Champ Div)
Lakeside 1 1
Mandurah 3 5
Perry Lakes 6 11 (1 Champ Div)
Perth 1 3
Rockingham 1
South West 1 1
Warwick 5 (2 Champ Div – 12CHB & 16CHB) 8 (4 Champ Div)
Willetton 5 (2 Champ Div – 12CHG, 14CHG & 18CHB) 11 (5 Champ Div)

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