Congratulations to the 2020 WABL Minor Premiers

Congratulations to the 2020 WABL Minor Premiers

Congratulations to the Minor Premiers of WABL 2020. We recognise the teams who finished first in the regular season and sit atop their respective ladder.

2020 Minor Premiers

Division Minor Premier Record
12CHM Cockburn Cougars 13–1
12CHW Perth Redbacks 11–1–2
12-2M Warwick Senators Blue 14–0
12-2W Willetton Tigers Blue 10–2–2
12-3M Lakeside Lightning Purple 14–0
12-3W Perry Lakes Hawks 14–0
12-4M Perth Redbacks White 10–2–2
14CHM Willetton Tigers 12–2
14CHW Warwick Senators 14–0
14-2M Warwick Senators 14–0
14-2W Rockingham Flames Black 14–0
14-3M Warwick Senators 14–0
14-3W Willetton Tigers 13–1
14-4M Perth Redbacks White 14–0
14-4W Willetton Tigers 14–0
16CHM Perry Lakes Hawks 13–1
16CHW Willetton Tigers Blue 14–0
16-2M Perry Lakes Hawks Blue 12–2
16-2W Willetton Tigers 13–1
16-3M Rockingham Flames 11–1–2
16-3W Willetton Tigers 12–0–2
16-4M Warwick Senators 10–2–2
18CHM Cockburn Cougars 12–2
18CHW Lakeside Lightning 13–1
18-2M Perry Lakes Hawks Blue 13–0–1
18-2W Joondalup Wolves 10–4
18-3M Kalamunda Eastern Suns 13–1
20M East Perth Eagles 12–2
D-League M Warwick Senators 11–2–1
D-League W Lakeside Lightning 10–2–2

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